Introducing the Next Generation of Soil & Mulch Preparation Equipment

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WSM’s Innovative New Bale Breakers and Fluffers, Coir Breakers, and Screens

WSM’s Innovative New Bale Breakers, Fluffers, and Coir Breakers

The Latest Additions to our full line of  Soil & Mulch Preparation Equipment

Increase recovery and reduce handling by feeding 4’ - 8’ bales directly into WSM's Revolutionary Peat Moss Bale Breaker that effectively deconstructs the bale. The multi-rotor Fluffer further breaks up the peat moss, fluffing prior to hydration. WSM's Fluffer can be integrated with the Bale Breaker for a complete, sealed unit - allowing continuous operation.

Deconstruct and process compressed coir blocks – pallet loads at a time - with WSM's New and Enhanced Coir Breaker.  Compressed blocks can be deconstructed and hydrated – all in one operation. The unit's unique design allows complete rotor access for simplified maintenance.  The Coir Breaker can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into the soil mixing line.

WSM’s complete line of equipment for soil preparation includes the massive Titan Trommel for Finished Fiber. WSM's Titan Trommel sets the new industry standard for this type of machine. The Titan Trommel is available up to 8’ dia. by 63’ long.   Our Vertical Grinders deliver low cost, low maintenance, high quality mulch processing. Our Chain Metering Bins provide bulk loading and metering of material.
All WSM equipment is Tough. Reliable. Built to Last.

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